Bundu Technology Ltd.

Richmond  .  BC  . Canada

Richmond  .  BC  .  Canada

Hardware and Software Consulting and Design Services


Bundu Technology Ltd. is a consulting firm that specialises in the design and development of high performance computer software and electronic hardware.
Our extensive experience developing for a wide range of platforms gives us the versatility to provide innovative solutions on desktop, hand-held, and embedded devices as well as for the Web.
We are also able to provide full service hardware design and development, from initial concept to final prototype, including schematic capture and printed circuit board layout.

If you are interested in contracting us for custom engineering work, please contact us for a free quotation.

For further information on our services please choose from the following topics:

Embedded Systems

We have worked with a wide range of embedded platforms and technologies, from simple 8 bit micro-controllers to high performance 32 bit devices. Applications have included temperature controllers, data loggers, games, navigational instrumentation, etc.
Examples of some of the devices developed by us are illustrated below:

Multi-function Marine Instrument

Heading Screen Wind Direction Screen

Development of all software which included the implementation of the CAN based NMEA 2000 (J1939) protocol for a Multi-function Marine Instrument based on a Freescale ARM processor running embedded Linux. Qt, a cross-platform tool-kit was used for the implementation of the graphics screens that display the virtual instruments.
The harsh environment that this device is intended to operate in necessitated that it be completely sealed with the only interface to the outside world being via the NMEA 2000 connector. It was therefore necessary for us to also develop a Windows based software tool that provides for field upgrading of the device firmware via the NMEA 2000 bus.

Refrigeration controller

Refrigeration controller

A state of the art refrigeration controller, designed for Traulsen, a major commercial refrigeration manufacturer. Based on a PIC17C756A micro-controller, it offers versatility, and a number of features that were previously unavailable in a single, compact unit.

This controller is completely parameter driven allowing it to be configured for a wide range of freezers and refrigerators. Configuration may be performed via the front panel push-buttons, from a PC via the serial port, or from a hand-held Palm OS based computer using a serial or IrDA interface. In order to meet HACCP requirements this controller retains a log of the last 72 hours of operation. The log may be transferred to a PC or hand-held computer via the aforementioned serial or IrDA interfaces. Up to 32 controllers may be networked and individually addressed from a PC using an RS-485 serial interface.

Slot Machine

Video Gaming Unit (slot machine)

Development of the hardware and software for a Class III casino slot game for the casino industry.
This is based on an industrial PC running embedded Linux combined with a custom I/O board designed around an AT91 ARM7 CPU along with a PIC 18F2420 processor.
The system includes high quality stereo sound, a coloured LCD touch screen, a ticket printer, bill acceptor interface, etc.


Hand-held, Mobile and Desktop Software

We have developed a wide range of software for hand-held and mobile devices based on the Android platform as well as for legacy devices such as the Palm, Microsoft Pocket PC (Windows Mobile) and the Sharp Zaurus (Linux based PDA).
These have included such diverse applications as a refrigeration maintenance tool, a Diabetes research tool for the UBC Department of Continuing Medical Education, as well as our own SafeDee a Password Database for the Sharp Zaurus. Released commercially this was one of the top five best selling Zaurus applications. In recognition of this we were awarded the "Handango Developer Of The Year 2003 (Linux)" award.

We have also developed an enormous range of desktop applications for both Windows and Linux. These have included the whole gamut from low level Linux device drivers, to desktop database applications. Many of the applications we develop are cross platform Windows/Linux/Mac using the Qt or GTK+ tool-kits. However we also have extensive experience developing native Windows applications using Microsoft tools such as Visual Studio as well as legacy applications using the Win32 API.
An example of our work is the Open source cross platform AlbumEasy - free software for creating custom stamp album pages.


Web Technologies

We specialise in developing responsive web sites using a combination of technologies including, CSS, Javascript, HTML, PHP and MySQL (LAMP). Sites we have developed using these tools have included an online magazine index, an online trivia type game, as well as a job placement site that automatically matches open positions at registered clients with prospective hires. This site also includes a résumé repository and résumé creation tools .


Source Code Examples

As much of the software we develop is proprietary to the client we are unable to share the source code. However, for an example of our work, the source code for the cross platform open source AlbumEasy application developed by us may be viewed here: AlbumEasy source code.